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Bosch Battery And Other Car Battery Brands To Consider For Your Ride

For drivers, it is only normal to replace the battery once or twice throughout their ride’s life cycle. Some of them simply wear out or gets old due to repetitive discharging and charging. Truth is, even if you are doing regular maintenance or being careful with your car battery, it’s going to die at some point. When that happens, you must know how to find a good replacement. When replacing your old battery, go for the best brands like Bosch battery to ensure long-lasting performance.

In case you are not familiar with Bosch battery or the other top car battery brands in the market today, here are a few details about them.

Bosch battery

Bosch is one of the top automotive battery brands you can find right now. This brand is famous for its products’ unique technological features as well as for a longer battery lifespan, temperature variable resistance, not to mention having a complete design for no-spills for safety purposes.

Bosch battery is quite easy to use for different kinds of start-up operations, even amidst difficulties in several conditions of the weather or temperature. Perhaps the most notable among its features is an excellent amperage for cold-cranking performance, and one that goes about 710 in the CCA rating makes it great for all kinds of cold (or hot) temperature conditions. With such features, drivers won’t have to worry about power failures during humid weathers or winter. In addition, it contains a backing up from its manufactures as a high-performance battery that is in designation for all kinds of road-trip activities.

Moreover, the warranty space, agreement or clause of Bosch battery can usually go as far as four years, and that is with the guarantee for replacement in cases of trouble or dissatisfaction. This high-performance battery is not actually lightweight, weighing about a reasonable 47 lbs.

VARTA battery

A lot has changed in the commercial vehicle sector: legislation that sets stricter emissions standards, the number of nights spent in vehicles, more comfort equipment and the number of additional electrical consumers. This includes parking cooler/heater, music radio, and so forth. Drivers opting for VARTA car batteries are guaranteed of quality and lower ownership cost.

Whether you are driving your very first car, own a vehicle with start-stop functionality, or drive a highly equipped vehicle with high energy demands, VARTA batteries can offer the power you need. Their products have longer life, less corrosion and lower cost of ownership, from their advanced start-stop automotive range to their professional powerboat products.

Backed by a world leader in advanced energy storage solutions, this brand is also known for contributing to the evolving battery technologies for virtually every type of car. These technologies offer next-generation and stable performance, as well as safety and reliability to many drivers.

Nissan battery

As for Nissan, the brand is known for their Lithium-ion battery technology that offers a higher lithium ions density to be stored, which boosts travel distance. These batteries have higher energy densities than lead-acid batteries or nickel-metal hydride batteries, so it is possible to make battery size smaller than others while retaining the same storage capacity.

Moreover, Nissan’s Lithium-ion battery realises high energy density and reliability by adopting Ni-Co-Mn positive electrode material and laminated-structure cells. The Ni-Co-Mn positive electrode material has a layered structure, increasing battery storage capability by allowing lots of lithium ions to be stored. Laminated-structure battery cells have a high level of cooling performance and a simple structure, saving space and reducing the overall size of the battery pack. Because of its reliability and durability, the warranty for the battery capacity guarantees eight years or 160,000 km.

The first Nissan LEAF battery is a one battery module was constructed with a 4-cell configuration, with a total of 24 modules on-board the vehicle. In the second generation LEAF (equipped with a 40 kWh battery pack), each battery module is constructed with an 8-cell configuration as standard, increasing filling efficiency. On the other hand, their new battery pack configuration maintained storage reliability and capacity.

In conclusion

Buying branded batteries like Bosch battery is something to consider if you’re looking for a hassle-free ride. These high-quality power sources won’t leave you stranded on the road like your old car battery. Plus, you can ensure to get your money’s worth since they are designed and built by reputed manufacturers in the industry today. So whether you are looking for a replacement that can provide more starting power or something that has less idle power drain, then opting for branded automotive batteries is the way to go.

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